Every site is special and it is hard to declare fixed price for every case. A few general cases are considered below.

 Case 1: A Corporate Web Site.

The site tells us about the company itself, company's products and services, company's mission and policy, answers frequently asked questions, provides a contact form.

Development process has three parts:
Design of elements that are common for each pages:

   layout of a page
   art work for header
   background and fonts styles
   text and images locations
   menu style
   footer with copyright statement and bottom menu
   meta-tags and search engines optimization

Price for this part of work starts from $300. It depends on consumer's ideas for the site view. Animation and special effects are priced as extra.

The completion of the site is quite technical problem: copying this general template and personalize it inserting dedicated texts and pictures for each site page. A page will be priced from $10.

When the site is compound and tested, it will be posted to the Internet by:

   uploading the pages to a rented hosting
   by arranging e-mail addresses
   connecting them to the site's contact form
   register the site to major search engines.

The cost of this service usually does not exceed $50, not including hosting rent fee. Now the site is alive. Of course, these actions do not guarantee that the site takes the premium places in search engines. It takes time and it needs a special strategy and investments to grab a place on the first page of just one of Search Engines for just one of keywords. Not every company needs it. Learn more...

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 Case 2: A Catalogue.

The company wishes to add a catalogue of their products. Usually it is a list of items with thumbnail pictures which link to the next page with bigger image, more detail description and other information. If the company has more than 10 items to be displayed in the catalogue then it is right time to start considering database storage.

The database driven catalogues development includes:

   the database design
   script for fetching all items from the database and displaying them in a catalogue page
   script for fetching a detail data per item from the database and presenting in an pop-up window
   script for searching for product or service
   order form (sometimes)
   a set of scripts for managing the database: additing new products, editing their details, deleting obsolete ones, uploading images of products

Price for this part of work starts from $400. Web Tracery uses PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP depending on the hosting type the customer has.

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 Case 3: E-commerce.

The company is growing up and is willing to add a support for on-line purchasing. Great! The company has already had a catalogue, so all what we need to do is adding a shopping cart and a credit card processing tool.

Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

   Security is the most important when you sell on-line. A security connection must be provided for on-line payment transactions.
   encrypting all outgoing information
   developing or integrating third-part shopping cart, using cookie or other technology for storing shopping cart information
   the database addition for storing products or services prices, shipping and handling fees...
   scripts for management of the new database part

Good news is that there is a number of ready solutions for e-commerce that can be used both as a whole and in parts. USA and Canada customers know e-bay with its very reliable PayPal service. PayPal provides the highest security level and a shopping cart that is free for installation. PayPal charges about 2% per transaction. Another respectable company - VeriSign - also provides us with highst level of security, however its clients must buy a certificate in advance and they will not be provided with a shopping cart.

Price for this part of work starts from $150. It is a cost of implementing of a business logic for trading one product via PayPal. An integration of PayPal's shopping cart starts from $300. All other cases are more particular and they have some features to be discussed: business logic, customers' database, security sertificates and so on. The final price depends on too many requirements to be estimated good in scope of this review.

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